How It Works
Patented Thermicon™ technology is only found in no!no!® products. This technology uses the scientific principles of thermal transference. Gentle heat glides over the skin removing stubble from the surface while simultaneously treating the hair for long-lasting results*. Thermicon™ has built in safety mechanisms that enables no!no!® to adapt professional hair removal technology for safe and effective home use.

Since this technology is color-blind, no!no!® is safe to use on all skin tones and effectively treats and removes all hair colors on the face or body.
What to Expect
While everyone is different, some people experience a mild tingling when they first use no!no!®, especially over sensitive areas. This sensation fades and disappears after a few treatment sessions

It is not uncommon to feel a warming of the skin. If it is uncomfortably warm during treatment, take short breaks between use on any one area.
*Individual results may vary.
How to Use
Charge and Uncover
Choose Tip
Insert Tip

Turn on and set treatment level
Buff away crystallized [treated] hair
It's that simple!
Get to Know Your no!no!® PRO
Go Weeks Without Shaving!
And get long-lasting results!*
Painless & Effective
Guaranteed or your
money back!
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